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Driving a hog down a long stretch of highway is as close to heaven one can get, here on Earth at least. That’s the official stance of the Hogs4Sale team. We are a bunch of old-timey bikers from Maryland that have been in love with our hogs, our Harleys, for practically our entire lives. Having a hogs as a hobby has a two-fold advantage. You don’t just have a motorcycle that you can drive, but also something that you can work on, customize, mold into something your own, something unique. Having a hog as a hobby might tie into other hobbies as well. Hogs4Sale team recently purchased a high quality follow me drone for shooting videos of our members riding our hogs. It’s mostly so that we can post how cool we look on our Facebook profiles. I think that if you look at the video down below, you can see that our investment was worth every penny.

Hogs for Life

Hogs4Life Croatia Tour 2019 – Blue Cave & 5 islands from Split

This summer the Hogs4Sale team will participate in the Hogs4Life Europe Tour, which sort of a spontaneous, tri-annual, bi-annual event where a bunch of people from all over the world come together and go on a tour on their hogs. This year the target is Europe, south of Europe to be more precise. We’re planning on setting our base in Split Croatia. This seems like the perfect starting point from where we plan on making our way up north, into Slovenia, Italy, France and lastly Spain. We’ll probably spend some time in Split, because we’ve heard great things about the place. We’ve been specially recommended the 5 islands tour from Split. From what we’ve seen on the internet, the place looks stunning, so we really can’t wait to go and visit there.

Those who are interested in joining the tour should shoot us up a message. We can’t guarantee that we’ll accommodate all your requests, it depends from where it is that you are contacting us. Sadly organizing an event like this is a bit more complicated, and it really takes a lot of effort. Still, you are more than welcome to crash our party and join us on our voyage, especially if you are from one of the countries that we’re going to be passing through. From the whole team here at Hogs4Life, we wish safe travels to all of those who will be joining us this summer, but also to everyone who’s going on a big trip. It can be a bit intimidating to do it, however once the fun starts, you’ll see that everything was worth it.

Buying a Harely is a huge deal

Any fan of Harley Davidson will tell you that buying your own hog is a huge deal. They are a pricey investment, but definitely worth it. Most of the Hogs4Sale team are old timers, with years of experience under our belt. We bought our first hogs a long time ago. Back then, buying one wasn’t such a huge investment like it is now. Prices have gone up, and at the same time, work has become scarcer, and wages have gone down. All this makes purchase of a hog a huge deal for pretty much everyone.

It’s not just because of financial reasons that buying a new hog is such a huge deal. It is also huge deal because of the fact that you need to make sure that you choose the correct ride for the type of person you are. Yeah, you heard me. Your hog should reflect your personality. Many different Harleys exist out there. Some of you might be into lighter models, others into heavier ones. Some of you might be more into tech, like our friend John who’s responsible for the video drone purchase we made recently. He likes to thinker with his rides, add sensors, electronics and even a music system similar to that found on a car. We’ll post a few photos of his ride so you can see what we’re talking about.

Latest seller tips

In short, buying a new ride is a huge deal, and you should be careful when you do it. Spending too much money for a dud can be soul crushing. Trust me, I know. I’ve done it a couple of time when I was starting out. It involves lot of upfront investment, especially if the engine is in bad shape. We hope that with this website, Hogs4Sale team will be able to help you out by giving advice, buying guides and by hunting down great deals on hog classifieds across the country.

Best way to get into hogs

Best place for a beginner interested in becoming a hog enthusiast would be by joining local hogs lovers clubs. There’s plenty of those, especially around large cities. Look up Facebook groups nearby and go to as much meetups as you can. Talk to people, see what kind of hogs others are having, get familiar with the scene basically. That way you’ll get a better idea of what’s kind of motorcycles are available on the market, and you’ll hear firsthand what kind of experience people in your local area have had buying a hog.

Another piece of advice that us oldtimers have for rookies would be to buy a ride that hasn’t been modded that much, which is as close to the original as possible. Some of the hogs that are available for sale on classifieds will have been heavily modded and it might be too much to handle for a beginner, especially if we’re talking about a modded engine. Do you research of how a hog should look like coming out of the factory and then work on it yourself to make it your own. Only buy custom modded rides once you know more about the bikes.

Dealerships we recommend

Some people don’t agree with this particular piece of advice, but there’s been plenty of situations that I’ve witnessed where people buy a motorcycle that’s been modded, they end up not liking the mod for one reason or another and then it ends up costing them a pretty penny fixing to make the ride their own, stripping down existing paint job and applying their own, for example. It’s best to just start from a blank slate and move up from there. Dealerships are a great place to start looking for a hog if you are new to the scene. Ask them to give you a stock motorcycle, and then you work on it yourself, make it your own.

Looking at the classifieds is the final step

Buying a hog from the classifieds is something that you should only start doing if you know your stuff. Once you get enough experience, you will know all the tricks sellers use when trying to buy a hog with an issue. It can be anything from faulty engine, or problems with the body (rust, bike was in crash).

Classifieds can have diamonds in the rough for great prices, but you need have to know-how of how to spot them. We’re going to feature posts of great listings that we think are worth checking out of here on the website. Also we’re going to be explaining what you need to be on the lookout for when buying a used Harley. Just remember to be careful.

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