About us

Hogs4sale.com is a website run by a group of Harley Davidson owners who use this website to share their experience of hog ownership with the world. Most of the Hogs4Sale.com membership are retired oldtimers, with years of Harley Davidson trading under their belts. There’s close to 50 of us in the Hogs4Sale.com unit and we are basically one big happy family. One of the reasons why we’ve setup this website so that the members can post their own hogs for sale, but it will actually mostly be making Harley Davidson buying guides, owner tips, advice and ideas on how people can improve their rides.

Plan is to post here as often as humanly possible. There’s a lot of us in the outfit, but only a couple are actually active on the website. My name is Thomas Grant and I’m one of the younger members. I work in the IT actually, so I’m the one who ended up being in charge of setting up the website. Other members are mostly mechanics, but there are also truck drivers, construction workers, plumbers, police offices, you name it. I’m really thankful to everyone in the Hogs4Sale team, because they really helped me out when I was buying my first ride. Hopefully we will be able to do the same for you.

We are based in Maryland, but we have members all across the East coast. Everyone comes to our monthly meetings, and we hope you come too. Make sure to contact me if you actually do decide to one of the Hogs4Sale meetups, because we need to know how much space we need to rent out for the meet. Get in touch with the administration for more detailed info about the meetings. If we don’t see each other during a meet, hopefully you’ll stay around ont he website here. See you, and ride safe.