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Hogs4Sale team is here for you if you have any kind of questions about buying a new ride, upgrading existing ones or if you want to show off your ride. We’re especially interested in seeing what kind of rides our readers have, so definitely send a pic or two if you don’t mind other men drolling all over your girl, 😉 .

There’s a couple of reading messages that our readers send us, so you can expect a pretty speedy reply. We’re retirees after all, with lots of free time on our hands. Our rides take up only so much of it.

Just make sure that you are respectable when sending us a message. Rude language and obnoxious behaviour will not be tolerated.You can upload photos of your hogs to websites like Imgur, if you want to share them with the rest of the Hogs4Sale readership. They, Imgur, are a image hosting service that’s very popular and what’s more important, it’s very fast & reliable. Upload your photos there and send us a link to your album, so that we can check it out. We find that’s the easiest way to do things. You can also use Flickr, or link us directly to your social media profile, if you have an album there set to public viewing.

In any case, as long as you don’t plan on harassing us, we are here to hear you out, give advice and enjoy in your ride, if you choose to share it with us. So get in touch, we are eagerly awaiting your message.